Mitchell Barrington


I am currently an undergraduate philosophy student at The University of Western Australia.

I graduated from Christ Church Grammar School in 2014 before playing college soccer in the United States for two years. During this time, I studied at Midland University and Point Loma Nazarene University.

(Open Access) Publications

Mitchell Barrington What it Means to Vote No

What it Means to Vote 'No'

Why controlling the private lives of others is always in conflict with the foundations of a social contract

Current Projects

I am currently working on upwards of ten academic and non-academic papers. I hope to have many of these published in 2018. 

  • Where Tracking Loses Traction (academic)                              - Undergoing peer review

  • On Epistemology [title withheld] (academic)                       - Undergoing internal editing

  • Against the Intrinsic Value of Autonomy (academic)                    - Undergoing peer review

  • Human Enhancement and Genetic Selection (academic)           - undergoing internal editing


Mitchell Barrington

The University of Western Australia

0421 775 600